King Koil

About King Koil – The Proven Back Care Bed Specialists

Your sleeping posture, spinal alignment and weight distribution all have an effect on how well you sleep, and this in turn affects your health and general wellbeing. That’s why King Koil involved the most credible name in Chiropractic care, the International Chiropractors Association, head quartered in America, to design better back care features in bedding.

King Koil is the proven back care bed specialist. Our products are the result of continued research and development alongside the specialists at the International Chiropractors Association. At the core of every King Koil bed is a specially re-inforced spring system that provides targeted back care support. Everything from the high strength spring wire, to the support frame system and re-inforced border edges work seamlessly together. To provide you with un-rivaled support night after night.

King Koil mattresses are available in different firmness levels, and with or without natural fillings. So, the comfort choice is yours, the healthy back care is King Koil.

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